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PlayerGuard® Safety & Accountability Review

PG Overwatch

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Through these past months, PlayerGuard has been working on creating a review process. The Player Safety and Accountability Review or PSAR will allow parents and players to get a snapshot of what content each reviewed server or community contains. Communities marked with the green check mark (✔️) indicate that the specific community is an official high profile company in the gaming community. The green check mark does not any type of partner status. Only the green (Verified Partner) text indicates a partnership between PlayerGuard and that specific community. Below will show the details of what each PSAR rating means.


Server and Community Content Reviews:

Child Safe (CS) - This rating will be issued to servers and communities containing content that is specifically designed for children and has been vetted by appropriate government agencies to support healthy developmental processes. Note: Only registered businesses with the appropriate documentation that they have safeguards in place to protect children can be considered for this rating.

Parental Caution (PC) - This rating will be issued to servers and communities containing third-party content that alters the gamer's experience on the server or the community's website that may not be appropriate to some players.

Parental Caution Plus (PC+) - This rating will be issued to servers and communities containing (PC) content as well as servers and content containing payment options for in-game items or community items that may not be refundable.

Adult Content 18+ (AC18) - This rating will be issued to servers and communities containing third-party content intended for adults 18 years or older. This includes gambling mechanics hosted or advertised either on the server or the community's website. Note: Gambling ages are different in each country.


In conjunction with the above Review ratings, PlayerGuard will add a rating of the following.

PlayerGuard Community Alert (PGCA) - Are issued to communities that may contain the following:

  • Hate Speech.
  • Malicious Behavior.
  • Abusive Behavior.
  • Threats.
  • Harassment.
  • Little to no Moderation.
  • Illegal Gambling Mechanics
  • Loot Boxes
  • DMCA
  • Any Illegal Activity.
  • Privacy Violations to include no active Privacy Policy.
  • Note: The (PGCA) is not limited to the above-listed items.


Many video games created for players over the age of 17 have attracted a vast majority of younger gamers that enjoy the roleplay of third-party built servers. These servers have mainly gone unchecked for their content with little oversight to protect those who choose to play on them. Starting on the 20th of September 2020, Playerguard will be implementing the PSAR model to help parents determine if the content of a server their child plays on is suitable for them. This model will be used for any player-owned server and will not be used on servers controlled by developers or publishers.


In the following months ahead, we will be releasing guidance on ways a community or server can have their server reevaluated for their (PSAR) rating.



If you do not see a server on the communities page and have questions or concerns about the content it hosts, please contact us at [email protected].

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