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Werewolf Gaming

Review Date: 16 Oct 2022



Werewolf Gaming is a multi-gaming online community with both Rust and Garry's Mod servers. They have a total of 10,052 members as of the review.



Their servers can be found at the provided link: https://www.werewolfgaming.co/servers/


PSAR Rating:




  • Store - Werewolf Gaming allows their users to purchase ranks, perks, upgrades, and items that can be used on their servers.
  • Community Forums - Their forums do not contain a privacy policy and any information on how they handle your data. They also allow behavior that is concerning. (images below)
    • 470211481_Screenshot2022-10-16142508.thumb.png.8c3df257b639000a8f32026cde85fc3f.png
    • 1760833281_Screenshot2022-10-16142749.thumb.png.d75125f87bdad4f052a004e2ee0a167d.png
    • 176655801_Screenshot2022-10-16143115.thumb.png.eac6e66759f45379654d0635ff9cb541.png

Instead of closing/deleting the topic, they continue to allow such behavior to continue and escalate.

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