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  1. Hello, world! (pun-intended) As the first topic ever started under this Discussion, I would like to make a introduce yourself thread. It's always nice to see other developers. My name is Kevin but I go under many names, such as root on here. I am from Europe who works a lot within IT and development, I am specialized within several topics such as DevOps, Game Server Management, Frontend, backend. In general Junior fullstack dev. But I've always loved working with various server infrastructures, and I've ran over the years in total over 2000 game servers, mostly are at my current work where I manage over 1800 game servers, including a few dedicated servers as well. I've been doing this for almost 10 years, and I work today with SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) and QA Manager for a company that provides a matchmaking platform for players to compete in both regular matches and tournaments. Best regards, root.
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